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  Full Project

Full project proposals should be submitted in the required application format. Former SGP grantees and other potential applicants, who have good working knowledge of SGP, may proceed with developing detailed project proposal for submission. However, others, uncertain about their eligibility strongly encouraged to submit a concept paper first for NC’s review.

The deadline for proposals submission will be determined by SGP office based on the dates set for National Steering Committee (NSC) Meetings. The NSC will meet twice a year and the deadline for proposal submission will be updated accordingly.

The full project proposals will be reviewed by NC to ascertain that it is prepared according the application format and fulfil all the necessary requirements. The applicants will be communicated by SGP office if additional documents or information are needed to support the proposals. Satisfactory submissions will be compiled and documented for consideration by the NSC in its subsequent meetings. The NSC has the final authority to approve or reject a project proposal seeking SGP grants.


Download the Full Project Proposals Template and accompanying Guidelines