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  Capacity Development Grants

SGP is also tasked to strengthen the capacity of local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to organize themselves into effective participants and advocates in national consultations related to the Rio and other environmental conventions and agreements and lately to country commitments to sustainable development made at Rio+20. We are calling for proposals for two categories of these stand-alone capacity development projects as follow:

  1. SGP Stakeholders’ Workshops
    Objective: To enhance and strengthen capacity of communities and civil society organisations to address global environmental challenges
    These grants aims to strengthen CSOs capacities to:
    • Engage in consultative processes 
    • Monitor and evaluate environmental impacts and trends (especially at community project and local levels and broadly at the national level in collaboration with national NGOs, academic institutions and government)
    • Apply knowledge management to ensure adequate information flows 
    • Implement Convention guidelines (in particular roles of CSOs to add to or complement government action) 
      Click to download Call for Proposal and the proposal template
  2. Best Practice and Knowledge Fair
    Objective: To enable SGP grantees and other CSO stakeholders to network, share and showcase best practices, innovative technologies and lessons learned developed by the civil society to promote the replication and scaling up of results for greater policy influence and transformational change; as well as to promote sustainability and the mobilization of additional resources for community-based sustainable development initiatives.
    Click to download Call for Proposal and the proposal template